Neck Liposuction Reno

Neck liposuction in Reno or Tahoe/Truckee with Dr. Virden can deliver dramatic results with minimal downtime and expense. Many people have a genetically predisposed area of fat under their chin even if they are not heavy. This is why, despite losing weight, some will still look heavy because of their neck. After surgery, many patients remark that everyone asks them, “Have you lost weight?” or that people say, “You look great!”

Often, only 50 to 100cc’s are removed. The whole procedure takes about 45 minutes and the incisions are next to invisible. Patients feel good the next day. They have to wear a neck band for 5 days and look great almost immediately. There is very little bruising with this procedure.

While neck liposuction provides impressive results on its own, it is often performed as part of a facelift for a more comprehensive facial renewal.

Meet Dr. Virden

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Charles P. Virden has the credentials you can trust and the experience you need for the results you want.

Meet Dr. Virden  

When you want quality, safety, and excellence in plastic surgery, Reno plastic surgeon Dr. Charles P. Virden delivers.

If you are serious about improving your image in Tahoe/Truckee or Reno with neck liposuction, contact Dr. Virden today. Request a consultation online now. You can also schedule an appointment by calling (775) 348-9798.

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