BOTOX® Cosmetic Reno

While Dr. Charles Virden provides impressive facial rejuvenation through cosmetic surgery, many people would like a non-surgical option. BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments in our Reno, NV and Truckee, CA medical spas offer a quick, simple way to look naturally younger and refreshed.

To visit Dr. Virden’s medical spa in Truckee or Reno for BOTOX and other non-surgical treatments, request a consultationrequest a consultation using our online form or call us at (775) 348-9798 to schedule an appointment.

Meet Dr. Virden

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Charles P. Virden has the credentials you can trust and the experience you need for the results you want.

Meet Dr. Virden  

When you want quality, safety, and excellence in plastic surgery, Reno plastic surgeon Dr. Charles P. Virden delivers.

Reasons for Considering BOTOX Treatments

BOTOX treatments are safe, easy, and effective. They are popular with both women and men to temporarily reduce:

  • Wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes called crow’s feet
  • Horizontal forehead furrows
  • Vertical lines between the eyebrows called frown lines
  • Sagging at the outer corners of the eyebrows

About BOTOX Cosmetic

While BOTOX and dermal fillers both smooth out lines and wrinkles, they work in different ways. Instead of filling in wrinkles, BOTOX temporarily relaxes the facial muscles that create the wrinkles. Over the next 3 to 5 days post BOTOX treatment, the skin gradually smoothes out, revealing a more relaxed look and youthful. Due to the way it works, BOTOX is used to treat dynamic wrinkles, which are caused by the repeated contractions of facial muscles.

BOTOX Treatments at Our Medical Spas

Since BOTOX treatments take only a few minutes to complete, patients often have their treatments when they come in for a consultation. We use a fine needle to make a series of injections into specific areas of the facial muscles. There is little to no discomfort. For an even greater facial renewal, we can combine BOTOX treatments with injections of a dermal filler such as JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC.

After a BOTOX treatment, patients can go right back to most of their normal daily activities. For the first 24 hours, it’s important to avoid putting pressure on or rubbing the treated areas and to postpone strenuous activities.

Your Results

After BOTOX treatments by Dr. Virden or his R.N., our patients look naturally rejuvenated, not frozen. This is because we have extensive training and years of experience performing injectable treatments that require precision and an in-depth understanding of facial muscles. Improvements typically last 3 to 5 months and can be maintained with periodic touch-ups.

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