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Every day your skin is exposed to environmental elements such as ultraviolet radiation, free radicals, and pollution. While proper skin care is essential for helping your skin look its best, laser skin resurfacing in the Tahoe area can enact meaningful, lasting changes in your skin health. Dr. Virden has successfully performed over 5,000 laser procedures to remove deep wrinkles, liver spots, and sun damage. With his experience and skill, you can be sure that your skin treatment will be safe, effective, and thorough.

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Skin is comprised of many layers. A surgeon needs precision, accuracy, and state-of-the-art equipment in order to effectively
take years off a person’s appearance without harming these
delicate tissues.

—Charles P. Virden, MD

About the Procedure

The Sciton® JOULE™ remains the gold standard for ablative skin resurfacing. Laser treatments can be used on the entire face or to target specific areas such as “crow’s feet,” the glabella area between the eyebrows, forehead lines, and mouth lines. Pigment damage normally seen with the outdated CO2 laser is not seen with the Sciton laser.

This powerful technique will require healing time. Usually the first week is labor intensive. Patients are advised to wash the lasered areas regularly every few hours to facilitate healing. At about 7 to 10 days, the beautiful new skin appears and the healing process gets much easier. At this point, mineral make-up (Jane Iredale) and moisturizers can be applied to the skin. A pink tint or red color to the skin is normal for about 3 weeks to 3 months. This coloring is caused by blood vessels that are laying down “new” collagen. A reduction in the appearance of wrinkles will take approximately 3 months.

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When you want quality, safety, and excellence in plastic surgery, Reno plastic surgeon Dr. Charles P. Virden delivers.

Reasons for Considering Laser Skin Resurfacing

  • Reduce or remove facial wrinkles, creases, and lines
  • Improve sun-damaged skin
  • Correct pigmentation problems and spots
  • Treat scars from acne, birthmarks, moles, and tattoos
  • Tighten skin that has lost elasticity due to aging

Dr. Virden’s Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedures

Dr. Virden uses the Sciton JOULE laser to treat sun damage, wrinkles or scars. This procedure can be performed at Renovation Medical Spa with no downtime. Avoiding the sun after this procedure is critical and each treatment should be performed approximately 5 to 8 times for best results.

Ultra-Fast Hair Reduction: The laser reduces unwanted hair almost anywhere on the body, including the mouth, chin, bikini line, back, legs, and underarms.

Skin Tightening/Wrinkle Reduction: This treatment reduces wrinkles and tightens lax skin. We can achieve exceptional, immediate results with this dual treatment.

Acne Treatment: The laser reduces sebaceous glands and destroys active acne.

Skin Rejuvenation/FotoFacial RF: This treatment rejuvenates the appearance of all skin types by treating superficial benign vascular and pigmented skin lesions, including telangiectasias – symptoms of rosacea and angioma. You will see a significant results for sun damaged skin and irregular pigmentation on your face, neck and chest areas.

Your Recovery

Generally, post-operative instructions call for plenty of rest and limited movement in order to speed up healing and shorten recovery time. Ointment is applied to the affected area immediately following surgery to aid with the healing process, minimize swelling, and control the risk of infection. The skin will be red and ooze for about 7 to 10 days; however, there is little discomfort with the laser resurfacing process. Any pain associated with the surgery can be treated with oral medication.

While complications are rare, patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the post-operative instructions. Recovery time varies with the extent of the resurfacing and the number of areas treated.

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